Angelina Jolie tells why she and Bred Pitt still are not married

In Jolie’s opinion it is not essential to be married to be happy and healthy. It is about 6 years Angelina Jolie and Bred Pitt are in relationships and even together have six  children, but they don’t hurry to be married. For all of us this is not news, but everybody is interested why their wedding is delayed. Having a big family and being loved with each other, it seems they would have been married, but they still have no eager to do this step.  In her interview Jolie indicates that many people what to know the reason of it.

Angelina Jolie Bred Pitt

In her interview to Good morning America Angelina Jolie neither said that their children also are interested why their parents are not married.  Read more »

Justin Theroux has got an “OK” from Jennifer Aniston’s Father

Having relationships with men Jennifer Aniston seems to be brave and self-reliant, but next to her always was a person whom she can trust in everything. That man is her father John Aniston. Being close father and daughter, Jennifer always take into account her father’s opinion. Everyone wanders what is old John’s opinion about Jennifer’s new beloved. It seems that Jennifer’s dad is eager to his daughter relationship with Justin.

jennifer aniston 2011


This testifies the interview to US Weekly, where John Aniston shared his thoughts over the relationship of his daughter with Justin TherouxRead more »

Scarlett Johansson opens up to Cosmopolitan magazine

Scarlett Johansson never tells about her life and relationships, but Cosmopolitan was the first to open a bit of her secrets. Scarlet Johansson beautifies the cover of Cosmopolitan January 2012 issue. On front cover the actress is wearing a wonderful dress form OMO Norma Kamali and she has a perfect look on it

cosmopolitan january 2012

Scarlet’s interview to   Cosmopolitan magazine was rather frank. She spoke about the difficulty of relationships, her attractions, divorce and loneliness.

She began her actress career when she was 19 years old. She was young and incredible and even did not know that she can earn money by selling her as a character.

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Lady Gaga deals with ELLE January 2012 readers

Lady Gaga has decided to open her secrets to her fans and critics. Besides music and fashion she wants to share with her ideas, thoughts, dreads and repentances. January 2012 of Elle release will help to open the most unopened secrets and characteristics of Lady Gaga.

Elle January 2012 will be represented by 2 covers with Lady Gaga on them. As a usual Lady Gaga is perfect in everything. In one cover singer wears the dress from Alexander McQueen, luxury dress for luxury singer. The other cover is with the dress from Simone Roche and fantastic make-up.

lady gaga elle

Her interview to Elle January 2012 issue was fantastic. She told that the secret of her fresh face are orgasms, though no man was able to bring happiness to her. Read more »

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection from Versace

Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Versace was among the most successful ones. The dominating topic here was sea. Let us notice that the items looked really gorgeous. The main colors were calm sea palettes. The models in their turn were real sea goddesses.

 Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Versace

Whoever you ask someone who is the designer that creates the hottest collection items, the answer will follow immediately with Donatella Versace. The main reason is probably that this elegant lady knows how make the girl look stunning and hot. She knows for sure what is necessary and what are not, what accessories to include and what to exclude. She thinks even of the smallest details. In other words spring/Summer 2012 collection from Versace is really a perfect one. Not to speak about the materials and the silhouettes separately.

versace spring summer 2012

As it has been mentioned above Versace Spring/Summer collection 2012 represents the topic of sea and everything that is connected with sea. You can easily conclude that the main colors here are also connected with sea: sea green, grey and also aqua. The hairstyles that the models wore were mainly loose hanging down their marvelous shoulders. Read more »

Burberry Fashion Show for Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

As we all know Burberry is considered to be one of the leading brands in Britain. Hence it is easy to come to the conclusion that the Spring/Summer 2012 collection represented by Burberry can’t be simple. So we can bravely say that it met all our demands and didn’t let us be disappointed. All seemed to be really perfect: the complement of colors, silhouettes and accessories.

Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2012

In spite of it all there was still something that confused me. All of the items represented in the collection were a bit warm for spring and summer, and we normally do not wear them in those seasons. Maybe it was just because of the English awful weather where it rains constantly. In any case Christopher Bailey did his best to get a wonderful result. And we must say that he really succeeded.


Christopher paid most attention on coats. We had the opportunity to see classic trenches that are very typical to Burberry design. Moreover the collection included cropped jackets and parkas that are rather proper for rainy as well as windy weather. Multiple lively colors decorated the items. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Says She isn’t Going to Share

Kristen Stewart is among those who give preference not to reveal her personal life to anyone. Recently she gave an interview to GQ and made it clear to the public what is the reason that she avoids to speak about her personal life. The details are represented below.

It’s already a long time that we got used to the fact that Kristen doesn’t like to talk about her life and especially personal life at all. Still there spread gossips that she is dating with Robert Pattinson. And again she refused to comment on it or to confirm it. Finally she did it for GQ magazine. She started the interview with the comments about her role in the movie Snow White. Later on she said that she desired to learn much about the UK because her boyfriend is an Englishman. Here are her words: “So much of my life is so easily goggled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious! ‘I don’t think you realize what a big deal it is for people. Well, it is a big deal. They would be “Oh. My. God”. There would also be still a 50/50 split. Some people would still be, “See, told you they’re not together.”

Kristen Stewart

Going on she added: “I don’t worry about it at all. It’s just one of those things. I’m selfish. I’m like, “That’s mine!” And I like to keep whatever is mine remaining that way. It’s a funny little game to play and it’s a slippery slope. I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away because there’s never any point or benefit for me.” Read more »

Beyonce Gives an Interview to Harper’s Bazaar about Maternity Collection that She Wants to Launch

First of all let us start the article with the fact that Beyonce said she had an intention to become a mother at the age of 30. What is more interesting she remained devoted to her words? At the moment the American top singer is pregnant and ready to share her feelings and emotions concerning pregnancy.

Beyonce 2011

If you don’t know make it clear that Beyonce possesses the House of Dereon fashion label. These days she said that she has an intention to add a maternity collection to the label. And now she is ready to share with Harper’s Bazaar about her plans and the main reason why she decided to turn to such kind of collection. Moreover she tells the magazine what she prefers to wear while pregnant.

Beyonce 2012

She said in the interview for the magazine: “All I see now are clothes that are flattering on a pregnant woman. It’s been so exciting for me! I love figuring out designs that still make me feel edgy and sexy while pregnant. Flow fabrics are always flattering – but I still rock my stilettos.” Read more »


The secret that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in relationship has already become obvious. They had been dating for teen months quietly. As you may be informed a Vanity Fair Oscar took place in late February where the couple finally declared in public about their relationship. With the time their love seems to deepen and they are eager to show everyone how much they love each other. The best proof to this was the fact that they kissed in front of the public at the press conference in Indonesia where the couple was present.

justin bieber selena gomez kiss 2012

The kiss is even shot on the video which is available. In the video you can see how tenderly Justin kisses Selena. In spite of the fact that the kiss itself was very short it was quite enough to make all the Bieber fans hate Selena with all their heart.

justin bieber selena gomez kiss

So as I’m not among those who are really crazy about Bieber I can be quite objective about the represented situation. And the only thing I’d like to say is that they are a very good couple and suit each other perfectly. Perhaps they look awesome together but let me notice that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still better.

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Spring/Summer 2012 Collection from Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld represented the new Chanel spring/summer 2012 collection. The ruling topic in the collection is sea. The fashion show took place at the Grand Palais with the participation of the singer Florence welsh. Talking about the items of the collection the only word here to say is PERFECT. Some of the pictures we have represented below.

Chanel 2012

We would like to praise Karl Lagerfeld in a few worlds because he really deserves it. He has a unique ability to see the beautiful side in everything. Just like Versace he preferred the theme of water and sea in the spring/summer collection 2012. What is more amazing Grand Palais where the fashion show took place was decorated so that it became a real underwater world? Shells, huge corals.sea horses and even sting rays were used to reach this goal.

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection from Chanel
The collection itself was rather feminine and glamorous. The fabric used was one that was shining in the dim light of the Grand Palais. In spite of the fact that most items were not skin tight, they were underlining the models’ figures perfectly.

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